introduction to the art of anne elliott

Some experiences engender great intensity of feeling, a revelation, or a sense of transformation. These are the kinds of moments Elliott seeks to capture or recreate in her work, both in her large, abstract paper constructions and in her intimate, figurative paintings and collages.

The paper constructions are Elliott’s response to natural phenomena so awe-inspiring that they resist conventional representation. They require gestures equally large and physical to reproduce, not the actual scene, but the rapture of encountering that scene. The spiritual and the transcendent can only be captured in abstraction.

Elliott’s figurative paintings depict emotionally charged situations. The situations can be humorous or desperate, revealing or even painful, or all of these at the same time. Most of the scenes show ordinary people in some kind of transforming circumstances. She thinks of them as emotional landscapes. Each of them is an intentionally ambiguous scene, the meaning of which the viewer supplies for him or herself.

Elliott’s art shuttles between the life of the spirit and the day-by-day life of interpersonal encounters.

* For more information on Elliott’s travels and influences, see “About the Artist.”


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